source : Origami Tanteidan Convention #6 by Takashi Hojyo

After studying bases and intermediate folds, the goal of this last section
is to teach you more complicated folds.

Level 3 : Complex folds

The double rabbit ear

Push where indicated, then form a rabbit ear on each side.

The closed sink fold

Mark the fold (step 1).
Unlikely to the open sink fold, don't let the top point open out flat.
Hold all the layers (except one) (step 2) and push down the point inside the paper (step 3).

The closed wrap

Step 1, 2 and 3 show how to fold a "base" that let you practice the closed wrap.
Step 1 : fold first along the valley fold, then along the mountain fold.
Do a squash fold (step 2).
Do a petal fold (step 3). The base is ready !
To perform a closed wrap, pull the first layer (step 4).
Then, fold the extra paper above the petal fold (which remains unchanged) (step 5 and 6).

Great, your apprenticeship of origami is now complete(at least, with this site :)), You can now practice with complex diagrams.

You'll have now to practice and practice again in order to get automatisms and techniques that let you improve your foldings and, why not, create your own models !