source : ORU magazine by John Montroll

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Diagrams level 1 (easy)

Diagrams level 2 (intermediate)

Diagrams level 3 (complex)

Origami with subway tickets
(if you don't have subway tickets, use a rigid paper of 6.6 cm x 3 cm)

Level 1 (easy)

source : Origami Tanteidan Convention #6
by Kimura Yoshihisa
                Samourai Helmet

                Crane (1/2)
                Crane (2/2)

                Pigeon removed due to copyright reasons

Level 2 (intermediate)

These diagrams were found on the Web :                

Catamaran by Marteen van Gelder                

Butterfly by Michael LaFosse                

Daffy Duck by Carlos Gonzales Santamaria                

source : Viva Origami by Jun Maekawa

Level 3 (complex)

source : Origami Tanteidan Convention #6
by Komatsu Hideo
                These diagrams were found on the Web :

                Praying mantis (.pdf) by Robert J. Lang

                Biplane (.pdf) by Marc Kirschenbaum

                Black Rhinoceros (.pdf) by Ronald Khoh

                Wasp (.pdf) by J. Anibal Voyer

Origami with subway tickets

Cobra (1/4)                
Cobra (2/4)                
Cobra (3/4)                
Cobra (4/4)                




Fox (1/2)                
Fox (2/2)                

source : this site by Frederic Balint
Origami, or paper folding, is a creative recreation as scrapbooking Origami can be done with origami paper from creative shops, scrapbooking too Origami paper allows you to create beautiful origami and also scrapbooking Origami belongs to manual activities and consists of folding paper, or paper fold. Origami is parent with scrapbooking.