source : Origami zoo by Robert J. Lang

You can fold a paper shape (called also hobby horse) and you wish you would improve your skill.

Before starting, have a look to the following recommandations, they are very important :

First, 2 definitions :

We call diagrams the step-by-step graph that describes how to fold a model.

A basic fold is a fold used to create many models. There are several basic folds, for example, you have the preliminary base, the frog base, the bird base, or the fish base. All these bases are presented in the section Solfeggio.

Some tips before starting to fold :

Tip n1 :
Always fold carefully, with precision, and cleanness. If you fold with no care, the result will be a disaster.

Tip n2 :
Study each diagram showing the finished model. Then, and only then, take your sheet of paper and start your first fold.

Tip n3 :
When you make a crease, always fold the paper with the back of your nail. Good creases are synonym of easy fold, and will be very useful to guide you later in the model, when you'll have to make a succession of folds.

Tip n4 :
The choice of the paper is very important in origami. Used paper must be resistant, thin, with the appropriate color.

Tip n5 :
If you model needs a square sheet of paper, be sure that your paper is REALLY a square. Most of the models are made from a square but it is not obligatory.

Tip n6 :
Don't try too difficult model if you begin, it will only discourage you.

Tip n7 :
The last tip.
Fold slowly, carefully and precisely. Don't hesitate to go back to already seen sections if you encounter some difficulties.
And, the most important, START BY THE BEGINNING !