source : Origami zoo by Robert J. Lang

As you are interested by this section, you are surely impatient to fold your first models.
So, in order to begin and learn the first basis, I propose you to fold the famous paper shape (called also hobby horse) .

To do this, you need to know 2 kinds of folds :

The valley fold :
The valley fold is represented by a succession of lines :
This is what it means on the paper :

The mountain fold :
The mountain fold is represented by a succession of lines and points :
This is what it looks like on the paper :

As you certainly notice, you can do a mountain fold by reversing the sheet of paper and doing a valley fold.

Now, you're ready ! Let's go :

Take a square sheet of paper.

Make a valley fold along the first diagonal :
            Like this :

Unfold :

            You get :

Do the same thing on the other diagonal
(the double arrows means "fold then unfold") :

            You get :

Fold one side to the middle :

            Like this :

Unfold :

Do the same thing for the 3 other sides :

            You get :
(then reverse the sheet of paper, this is what means the little arrow
on the right picture)

Fold the 4 corners to the center of the paper :
            You get :

Unfold :
don't forget to reverse the paper ! (see the little arrow)

To do the following, only use existing creases : the sheet will fold by itself.
Fold the center of the upper side
to the center of the paper :

                  You get (the model will not remain flat) :

Do the same thing on the 3 other sides :
            Like this :

Take 2 opposite points and fold them :

            Like this :

Fold the model in half :
(mountain fold)

            You get :

Valley fold :
(mark the pleat)

            You get :

Unfold :

Open and reverse the upper point
following the valley fold :

            Like this :

This last step is a little bit difficult (it is a reversed fold : don't hesitate to open the paper in order to do it).

You succeed ? Now click here.