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Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier (M.F.P.P.)    the french association

British Origami Society (B.O.S.)    the british association

Centro Diffusione Origami     the italian association

Japan Origami Academic Society     the japonese association

Origami U.S.A.    the US association

Asociación Española de Papiroflexia    the spanish association

Origami-Montréal    the canadian association

Chinese (H.K.) Origami Society    the chinese association

Origami Deutschland    the german association

Personnal sites

Joseph Wu's Origami Page    THE page about origami on the internet

Alex Barber's Origami Page    you'll find here a very important number of diagrams

La page Origami de Vincent (site in french)

Oriland    a must see !

Eric's Origami Page

Marc Kirschenbaum's Origami Page

Pliages - le B A BA de l'origami (site in french)

Mailing lists

In english : just send an e-mail to listserv@mit.edu without any subject but with this message :

subscribe origami 'your name'

Origami interest group


Supplies (books, papers, ...)

Fascinating Fold Website

Origami, or paper folding, is a creative recreation as scrapbooking Origami can be done with origami paper from creative shops, scrapbooking too Origami paper allows you to create beautiful origami and also scrapbooking Origami belongs to manual activities and consists of folding paper, or paper fold. Origami is parent with scrapbooking.