Traditionnal origami allows you to perform, from an only sheet of paper, several folds to create, without any cut nor glue, a lot of different models : animals, flowers, characters, planes, boats, cars, boxes, masks, etc ...

One of the most popular model is undoubtedly the crane. One welcomed you when you arrived on this site.

Most of the models presented in this site are issued from traditionnal origami, that is created from a single sheet of paper, without any cut nor glue.

This is, as an example, a pelican :

source : Origami for the connoisseur by John Montroll

However, purists will tolerate, sometimes, the use of several sheets to create a very complex model, impossible to make with a single sheet of paper. This kind of origami is called modular origami. The Tyranosaurus Rex by Issei Yoshino, showed below, is an example of modular origami.

source : Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton by Issei Yoshino