source : Origami Tanteidan Magazine by Maekawa Jun

Origami is the art of paper folding.

The word "ORIGAMI" comes from "ORU" which means "fold" in japanese, and "KAMI" which means "paper".

Origami was born with paper, in China, 1 century A.D . This art lasted through centuries first orally (this is why we have only simple models from this period) until 1797 when the first model was diagrammed on paper : "How to fold one thousand cranes".

One of the masters in paper folding is undoubtedly Akira Yoshizawa, father of modern origami. He created, in addition to an important number of models, the system of lines and arrows used nowdays to describe recent models. Akira Yoshizawa, who began origami in 30's, is older than 88 and is very popular in Japan.

There are different practices of origami :

Traditionnal origami

Modular origami

Origami in action

"Kasane" Origami

Puzzle origami

Story telling origami

Subway ticket origami

Money folding

X fold origami

This list is far to be complete ...