source : Internet by Joseph Wu

In this section, you'll find different executables linked to origami.

Screen savers
These screen savers are for PC.

Click on the links to download the desired screen saver :


        Screen saver 1 (file size : 758 Ko)
        Screen saver 2 (file size : 267 Ko)         

Desktop theme
For Windows

Desktop theme created by Ben Jarrett : click here (file size : 98 Ko)

These programs are for PC and show you, in 3D, how you can fold different models.

        Fold planes (file size : 706 Ko) A must see !
        Fold animals (file size : 2601 Ko)
        Fold flowers (file size : 3826 Ko)

These programs were found on the Kitty Hawk's site.

Paper Folding 3D by Liang YuBin


        Paper Folding 3D (file size : 9.5 Mb)

This program is a shareware that you can get at Paper Folding 3D site.

Creation of diagrams

Doodle by Jerome Gout : click here.


Animation showing 3 models (by Jacinto Costoso & Anne Dubuisson) : click here (file size : 313 Ko)